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Open Enrollment Time (sigh)…..Again

Like a recurring bad dream, it’s health insurance open enrollment again. Whether you have your health insurance through your employer, from, or Medicare, no doubt your mailbox has been full of notifications with changes to your plan, or solicitations to new options. When I ask people about this, most say they file them in …

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How many stars would *you* get?

How many stars would *you* get?   I’ll never forget the first time I took an Uber. I got a text alert seconds after I got out of the car. “How was your drive? Rate your driver!” How cool is that, I thought – I get to give almost immediate feedback on my experience! But …

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Dr. Google will see you now

Imagine you’ve been experiencing some physical symptoms that don’t seem normal to you. At first you ignored them, but when they didn’t go away, you logged on to your favorite browser and plugged in a few terms. A long list of pages comes up, and you start clicking away to try to figure out what …

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The Caregiving Crisis

The calls come pretty routinely. “My mom has long-term care insurance and it’s time for her to have help. I’ve called five agencies, and they all tell me they don’t have any available caregivers now. We promised her she could stay at home, and she bought insurance to make sure of that. Now we can’t …

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No Worries. After all, he had insurance.

Kevin* is fortunate to have health insurance through his job with a local construction company. Like most of us, he didn’t look very carefully at his options; he’s 34, generally healthy, and chose the plan with the lowest monthly cost. He makes about $35,000 a year, enough to keep the wolves away, but not enough …

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Can Looks Be Deceiving? (Or….what’s up with that hospital survey?)

When I walked into the hospital lobby to visit my friend, I wasn’t sure that I hadn’t arrived in a posh hotel. The marble floors gleamed, and the atrium was filled with plants that made it feel like I’d wandered into a specialty greenhouse. Her room was decorated in matched and muted colors, the hospital …

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