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Location, Location, Location!

Why *Where* you Get Your Health Care Matters to Your Pocketbook That old saying about real estate value is true in health care, too. I had the mistaken idea some years ago that if my doctor ordered an MRI, the cost was the same wherever I had it done. I only paid a copay, so […]

What Milton Bradley Knew

When my sons were little, one of our favorite board games was the Milton Bradley game of “Life.” You select your playing piece, a small plastic car, then a spin of the wheel determines how far ahead you move on this simulated journey of life – choosing trade school or college, getting married or staying […]

“Feeling the love” vs. “Feeling the trust”

A year ago, my 27-year old son injured his knee playing soccer. After months of conservative treatment and continued pain, an MRI showed a fracture in the cartilage in his knee, an uncommon problem for a person his age.  We worked together to prepare for his appointment with a well-referred orthopedic surgeon, and my son […]
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