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Truth in Pharmaceutical Drug Advertising

There are Reasons to be Suspicious about drug ads on TV Like many people I often stream TV on my own time. Some Sundays ago I realized that “Madame Secretary” was going to be airing real time in a few minutes so I decided to tolerate commercials I couldn’t fast forward through and experience network …

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Emergency. defines it this way: “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action. “ In my healthcare experience lifetime, perhaps nothing has changed more than the role of the hospital emergency room. In my youth the hospital had two roles: caring for very ill or post-surgery patients needing nursing care until …

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Your Decisions Matter… Or Do They?

Healthcare Directives and Planning The call came late on a Thursday. The husband of a long married couple had suffered a stroke 2 weeks earlier. He had lost the ability to swallow and the doctor at the hospital had urged surgery to place a feeding tube directly to his stomach before transferring him to a …

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When the Bill is Just Wrong

Health care bills have mistakes, sometimes lots of them. The figure most often quoted is that up to 80% of medical bills have errors. I’ve looked for the original source of that statement without success, but I did find one medical bill review company, Medical Billing Advocates of America, who noted that in their practice …

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In or Out, Round About – Navigating Out of Network Providers

Health insurance is complicated and healthcare costs a lot. If you’re not up for a complicated read, here’s the short version: Don’t use out of network providers if you can avoid it. If you think healthcare is expensive, out of network healthcare is very expensive! But if you want to dig a bit deeper, read …

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It costs how much??

Anymore, it seems for most of us every medical bill has a surprise when we first open the envelope! How does a provider (doctor, hospital, laboratory, imaging center) decide how much healthcare costs? It’s a pretty closely guarded secret, and it’s not uniform across providers. But suffice it to say, it definitely requires some serious …

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